Frequently asked questions

Q: How many printed books can a customer order once the publishing process is done?

A: Since we are an on demand publisher, books are ordered and sent out to customers as they are purchased. Once publishing is complete, customers can already purchase your book online. There are no limits in terms of number of books can be purchased.

Q: How long will it take to publish my book?

A: It typically takes 30 to 60 days to publish a book. That time can vary depending on email response time. Other services added in the middle of the process may affect the timeframe, too.

Q: Is there anything else needed to publish my book, that is not included in the publishing packages?

A: Everything you need to publish a book is already included in our publishing packages. You do not need to purchase anything else from other companies. We also offer editing and typing services for a separate cost.

Q: If I have a revision, how many free books will I receive?

A: There are no free books with revisions. Free books only come with publishing packages.

Q: Can I add an e-Book option after I publish my book? Or should it be added before the publishing?

Once your book has finished the publishing process, you will be able to add-on any services at anytime! Days, months, or even years later.

Q: What types of Editing options do you offer?

We offer two different types of editing. Line and Heavy. You can view the differences, and the costs here:

Q: Do you have a package only for e-book publication?

Not at the moment. We do hope to expand and extend our services in the future, but for now we only offer ebook as an add-on to one of our publishing packages.

Q: Once my book is published, do I have to pay anything else?

The only thing you need to maintain is the annual Digital Catalog Fee $19.99. the annual digital catalog fee to keep the book available for printing, and distribution. This is covered in the publishing agreement. This is not our fee, but one the printers require in order to keep the book available.

Q: If I cancel my book with, when will it be in effect?

Once we have cancelled your book, no new copies will be available for purchase anymore. Bookstores who have already purchased your book will still be trying to sell them, and you may still see your book online. This could take a couple of weeks, or more.

Q: What does “Non exclusive contract” exactly mean?

With our non exclusive contract, this means that at anytime, you as the author can cancel your contract with us, and go with another publisher. We do not require you to stay with us under contract for years like some other publishers do.

Q: Do I send my completed manuscript digitally or via mail?

Once we have payment for your package, our publishing specialist will contact you to get your manuscript. The quickest way is to send your manuscript online through email.However you can send your manuscript through mail, however we would need to create a digital file if it is hand written or printed out. There will be a fee for that service.

Q: I sent in my publishing agreement a while ago but would like to make some changes before I choose and pay for a package.

You can definitely change that information, before or after you pay. Our publishing specialist will work with you on what you would like for your book, and can change that information for you during the formatting process.